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At Corium Consulting Services Ltd., expertise and practical experience converge to form a powerful management resource for companies with management, contractual or organizational challenges related to information technology (IT).

Our clients are typically senior executives who recognize the impact that information technology can have on their organizations. Whether they perceive IT to be a cost to be managed while conducting business or a valuable strategic asset to be leveraged by the organization, Corium assists them in optimizing their substantial IT investment.

Firmly management focused, Corium brings a senior level business orientation to information technology that bridges the communications gap between senior business executives and information technology functions, providing skilled support in meeting specific challenges, and facilitating change involving information technology.

Consulting Practice Areas

     • Interim Senior IT Management
     • IT Management Coaching
     • IT Strategic and Tactical Planning and Facilitation
     • IT Governance, IT Organizational Design and IT Change

     • Strategic Program and Project Management
     • Strategic Sourcing Design, Procurement Management and
        Negotiations Management

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