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Corium Consulting Services Ltd. is a management consultancy focused on optimizing the strategic, tactical and operational management and use of technology in organizations. We have clients in both the public and private sectors across a wide range of industries.

Our core competency is consulting with senior executives on business management issues involving information technology. The distinct management advantage we offer clients is our consultants' practical and extensive experience gained on the ‘three sides of the IT fence’:

 • As acquirers and users of IT services
 • As providers of IT services
 • As consultants regarding IT services

Corium’s experienced perspectives help clients manage and make the most effective use of their organization’s investments in highly complex technological environments, highly skilled resources, and highly complex contractual arrangements.

Through our understanding of information technology and technology management issues we’re able to bridge communication gaps between executives and technicians promoting greater understanding and more effective use of the information technology investment. With insight and expertise, we’ll clarify and facilitate the transition into new and challenging environments.

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