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Major strategic and tactical programs and projects are large and complex. They are typically not single propositions, but are suites of inter-related projects that together will significantly impact several business and technical aspects of an organization. Furthermore, because less than 20% of projects of this type are completed on-time and on-budget (up to 74% of IT projects fail and average 25% to 90% over budget), it is inadvisable to leave their management to inexperienced project managers, personnel with a narrow focus (e.g. technical only), or to assign them to individuals as a learning experience.

To maximize the chance of success of your program/project, it must be spearheaded by a dedicated leader who combines extensive project control, project management, executive management, and business expertise.

Let Corium Consulting Services fill your critical need for superior program or project management when it cannot be met internally. We’ll provide your organization with a senior program director or project manager with the level of practical expertise essential to a successful outcome. We offer your organization:

  • Design, establishment and/or management of a project control office.
  • Senior Project Director or Project Manager.
  • Project audits to identify issues and solutions, or to verify that a project’s success is likely.
  • Rescuing projects in trouble.

Corium's experience in this area includes:

  • Oversaw a multi-year program of 35 IT application, infrastructure and faciities projects for a major electric utility. The work included establishing a new ITprogram funding model with the utilities regulator.

  • Managed a five-progect program with an 85-person team and a multi-million dollar budget to design, implement and initially operate a major technical infrastructure for a large automobile insurance company. Coached five sub-team managers.

  • Oversaw a multi-million dollar program to redesign clinical information management processes and implement a patient-care information system for a group of hospitals. Coincidentally initiated and oversaw the hospital group’s Year 2000 project. Established a control office for all of the projects to control the budgets totaling several tens of millions of dollars.

  • Conducted project management audits for multi-million dollar development projects for a stock exchange and a large automobile insurance company.

  • Managed a project to enhance and implement an international banking system for a Canadian chartered bank.

  • Managed the installation of a national on-line point-of-sale network for a clothing retailer.

  • Introduced project management techniques and methodologies and change management disciplines into the systems development process at various public and private sector organizations.

  • Managed the development, installation and support of an on-line financial system in three North American cities for a major property asset management company.

  • Managed the implementation of a shared automated teller machine network with international connections for a financial institution.

  • Managed a project to upgrade point-of-sale hardware and software for a home improvement products retailer.

  • Shadow-managed a project to implement a new human resource management systems while coaching three co-project managers for a large automobile insurance underwriter.

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