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Many organizations regard the planning process as time-consuming but necessary. Due to this view, of a truly essential management procedure, effective planning is frequently undervalued and undermined. Consequently, the subsequent planning products may be inferior and their implementation timelines unrealistic.

With Corium Consulting Service’s expertise we’ll simplify and enhance your corporate planning processes and improve the planning products that can lead to greater corporate success. It’s your decision whether we lead the planning process or simply provide expert support to your planning team.

Corium's experience in this area includes:

  • Authored the five-year information systems strategic and tactical plan for a natural gas utility. Managed two subsequent updates to the plan.

  • Facilitated a strategic information systems planning process for the management team of a regional government.

  • Led focus groups to determine the curriculum for information technology training for an education institution.

  • Authored a market development plan for a data network offering for a Canadian communications carrier.

  • Developed several strategic and tactical information systems plans for a financial institution.

  • Conducted a market opportunities study for electronic funds transfer/point-of-sale (EFT/POS) and electronic data interchange (EDI) services for a Canadian service bureau and also for a utility company.

  • Conducted business impact reviews of various information systems strategies for several credit unions in British Columbia.
    Facilitated an executive decision-making session to choose between the alternatives.

  • Developed a marketing plan for the provision of consulting and software support services for an international systems vendor.

  • Developed a business case for a major geographic information system (GIS) initiative for a large municipality.

  • Developed key performance indicators for the information systems department of a natural gas utility.

  • Conducted primary market research and developed key success factors for the implementation of electronic data interchange (EDI) at a major electric generation and transportation utility.

  • Advised a senior management team in a Canadian gas utility as they developed key performance indicators.

  • Prepared management briefs for a Vice-President of a natural gas utility in preparation for regulatory commission hearings.

  • Facilitated a cross-functional management team in a natural gas utility to develop and implement key performance indicators.
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