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Organizations now accept alternate sourcing strategies (in-sourcing, outsourcing, co-sourcing, off-shore sourcing, near-sourcing, etc.) as a useful business tool. Many businesses have found that alternate sourcing can be fraught with challenges and pitfalls.

Selection of an inappropriate sourcing method or the wrong supplier, faulty contract negotiations, incorrect governance, poor implementation, etc. can all lead to the failure of a correct strategy. If executed poorly, instead of achieving significant gains, the alternate sourcing exercise could be extremely costly in terms of time, money, market position, and the organization’s reputation.

An excellent way to reduce the risk is to consult with Corium Consulting Services. We have been involved in over $2.1 billion worth of alternate sourcing contracts. Our experience plus our eight-step end-to-end alternate sourcing methodology greatly increases the likelihood of success for any and all of your organization’s alternate sourcing stages. Some of the areas where Corium can assist you are:

  • Alternate sourcing feasibility.
  • Alternate sourcing method selection.
  • Solicitation documentation development (EOI, RFI, RFP, RFQ).
  • Solicitation process management.
  • Structured evaluation of supply alternatives.
  • Contract negotiations planning.
  • Contract negotiations leadership or coaching.
  • Implementation planning.
  • Implementation project management.
  • Interest-based negotiations tools and techniques.

Corium's experience in this area includes:

  • Acted as negotiations strategist and coach to two teams for a Western Canadian provincial government negotiating major outsourcing contracts worth several hundred million dollars.

  • Negotiated an extension to an outsourcing contract for the provision and operation of the data center for a Canadian provincial government.

  • Conducted an outsourcing procurement exercise for one of Canada’s largest energy organizations spanning several operating companies. Procurement included development of requirements and selection criteria, development of RFP, managing proposal evaluation, facilitating vendor selection and acting as chief negotiator for the resulting contract.

  • Negotiated five-year and seven-year information systems outsourcing contracts for two large forestry companies.

  • Advised a major Canadian utility in the development of its contract negotiating position regarding a multi-year, multi-function outsourcing agreement. Advised in contract negotiations.

  • Assisted in negotiations for acquiring marketing and operating rights to a shared automated teller machine network for a Canadian networking company.

  • Developed risk-adjusted evaluation criteria for the selection of a major information system for a consortium of gas and electric utilities.

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